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Mini-container Potable Water Treatment Plant

Minimal setup and improved logistics

With a large flow-rate capacity of 750 litres per hour, our containerized water purification plant is truly scalable. While one unit can produce up to 8 cubic meters per day, the solution can be extended to serve larger purification needs.* 

Minimal setup and improved logistics

Pre-installed and packaged in a compact 10 foot container the solution is designed for rapid deployment with minimal setup and configuration. Relocation and transportation is facilitated, simply float the container on a suitable carrier. 

Automation that cuts operating costs

The mini-container plant comes pre-fitted with an automation system for flow-rate monitoring and control. With the reduced need for operations staff locations the costs of running the containerized plant become negligble. Automation also enables remote water purification in rural areas.

Off-the-grid with integrad solar power

The plant can be powered with an integrated solar panel system in remote purification scenarios for rural communities. The system includes 12 solar panels, and the area of one panel is 1.6 square meters which ensures a total nominal power of 3.24 kW for off-the-grid operation. 

Prefiltration for tough challenges

Revere osmosis water purification is a technology that often needs prefiltration to ensure that the purified water is drinkable. With our solution you get replaceable cartridge filters for suspended solids removal. In addition, reverse osmosis membranes are provided for removal of bacteria, viruses, TDS, heavy metals, colour, odour and other contaminants. A remineralization filter adds back "good" minerals like calcium, and magnesium that provide much needed health benefits.

Fresh water storage

Capacious integrated storage with a 3000 liter storage tank, removes need to procure external storage for the purified water.

* Ask us about our large scale purification solutions for industrial and municipal clients.

Mini Container Potable Water Treatment Plant

Mini-container Potable Water Treatment Plant

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