Get an Average 90-95%
Seedling Survival Rate
with Risutec Planting Machinery


Intelligent planting solutions and services from Finland offer these benefits:

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    Increased forest use through efficient and mechanized planting and digitized guidance and monitoring.
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    Operational reliability with readily available and durable parts as well as autonomous and flexible self-service.
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    Training and knowledge transfer for personnel and machinery operators for higher productivity and safety.

Sustainability and the Practice of
Responsible Forestry Management

Major South African forestry companies have set responsible forestry management as one of their top priorities. This is in response to the fact that the forestry industry in South Africa is still characterized by manually intensive operations. Management and utilization of large plantations, especially in remote regions, require modern silvicultural solutions.

South Africa is lightly forested with a plantation area of roughly 1.2 million hectares, which represents approximately 1% of the country’s land area. This percentage pales in comparison to the plantation areas of  30% in the United States of America and 67% in Japan.  Increasing the use of available forest area is an acute need in South Africa.

The lack of investment in the maintenance and upgrade of machinery and equipment, and access to scarce skills exacerbates the already challenging silvicultural environment.

“Silvicultural operations in South Africa can be modernized to supply decent work to labour. ”

In addition to being plagued by dangerous and ergonomically inferior working conditions, manual labor is forced to cope with unacceptably high safety risks. Coupled with the low social status of manual labor, increasing worker abseenteism and high turnover in the forestry industry, it seems evident that the forestry industry in South Africa needs socially sustainable solutions.

Choose Risutec and get the following benefits:

Increased Forest Use

Optimized land usage through modern and mechanized machinery supported by collaborative guidance and monitoring intelligence.

Operational Reliability

Save on service and labor costs by utilizing modern equipment and gain access to durable and high-quality equipment from Finland.

​Training and
Knowledge Transfer

Supply decent work to your key personnel and increase worker safety and social mobility in the process.

Risutec Solutions Tailored for South Africa:


Efficient Planting Head
For Large Plantations

"Contiguous soil modification, irrigation and  fertilization speeds up growth."

Risutec ASP-720 is the most efficient planting head for large plantations of eucalyptus, pine and other subtropical seedlings with a pot. Changeable seedling cassettes increase overall efficiency even further.


Sub Soiling Feature Designed For Deep Soil Preparation

Risutec SKB-180 is an effective planting head for large plantations of eucalyptus, pine and other subtropical seedlings with a pot. It can be used on slopes of up till 30 degrees, and with excavators starting from 16 tons.

  • Efficient refilling mechanism that speeds up the planting process
  • Works with excavators starting from 16 tons
  • Does not turn the soil, merely loosens it thereby preventing erosion and contributing to water preservation

Medium-Size Planting Head

for Effective Contracting

​Risutec MTSA-120 is an efficient planting head for eucalyptus, pine and other seedlings with a pot. It is the most suitable for 7-13 ton excavators, and it can be used on slopes up till 30 degrees.

This planting head is ideal for contractors operating in various client locations due to its flexible build and easy maintenance.


Collaborative Intelligence with TASK Guidance System

Go beyond the Artificial Intelligence hype and start using a "no-fluff"
geo-location enabled guidance system.

With TASK you can plant in the correct seedling locations using sophistaced satellite communications and software, thereby acheiving greater accuracy and plant as well as forest usage.

TASK guidance system defines the wanted position for the seedlings and is especially designed for eucalyptus planting.

Embrace the Fact that
Skills Matter

Skills matter for productivity, they matter for upward social mobility and they matter for safety. ​

The multi-skilling of operators, the improvement of supervisor engagement, and a continual focus on new practices to promote the well-being and productivity of silvicultural labour and operators will ultimately decrease rural to urban migration as manual labourers  gain more skills and social esteem.