Slash Chick Mortality in Half
by Using Durable Triotec
Poultry Production Systems


High Quality Broiler Production Systems from Finland Offer:

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    Happy and healthy animals create a low mortality and a higher rate of return.
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    Durable, open and clear structure of cages removes the headache of constantly repairing and replacing unreliable low-quality systems.
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    Automated broiler barn condition monitoring included in the comprehensive solution for intensive farming controls temperature and ventilation.  

Lack of knowledge is one of the leading causes of low productivity in poultry production

There are widespread concerns among poultry producers that a shortage of knowledge of machinery operation, maintenance, and repairing skills will severely impair their ability to produce high yielding broiler systems.

Regardless there are a number of opportunities for the region, including:

  • Expansion of broiler breeding facilities to meet the continent's hatching egg requirements
  • Large production bases to provide an opportunity for the local poultry industry to develop exports to neighboring countries
  • Improving efficiency of production, as in feed conversion and energy-friendly housing

It goes without saying that poultry production is an important economic activity in Africa. However, absence of modern poultry production systems reduces the efficiency of hens bred for higher performance.

Poultry, both broiler chickens and village chickens, are especially susceptible to heat stress

When rearing broiler chickens in hot climates it is important to be aware of heat related challenges and adapt the management to prevent increased mortality and reduced animal welfare. During the warm period of the dry season it is about 25-35° C. Therefore, solutions need to address this pressing need.

By choosing us you'll get the following benefits:


​Higher Yielding Broiler Production

Gain access to intensive and high yielding broiler production systems to produce poultry for your family or village or to generate more income from your production facility.

Durable and High-Quality Equipment

Avoid cheap cages that require excessive maintenance or repair thereby costing you more over the lifetime of the product and adopt high-quality and durable equipment instead.

​Broiler Barn Monitoring

Production management computers are used for regulating and controlling humidity, ventilation, heating and lighting as well as production (feeding, composition of feed mixture, bird-growth) of the broiler barn system. 

Poultry production systems tailored to Africa's needs:


Get an Easy Start with Triotec Small Aviary Modules for Broilers

"Enables local food production and provides  additional earnings."

Aviary or multi-tier systems enable the production of clean eggs. The effective use of floor space and the number of chickens in a barn system can be increased by adding separate slatted tiers.
These facilies are easy to maintain and hygienic. In aviary systems chickens stay healthy due to manure removal, which also help prevent disease. Automated laying nests offer hens a peaceful and dark environment for laying eggs, which results in clean eggs and protects them from wild animals and predators.


Complete and Comprehensive
Egg Production System

We offer complete production systems that are assembled from perfectly compatible production equipment forming a coherent whole. Production systems are designed for activities, such as breeding of broilers and layers as well as for the production of eggs. The facility includes these subsystems:

  • Poultry Housing Systems
  • Feeding
  • Poultry Housing Conditions
  • Egg Collection

Talk with our Local Market Expert

Reetta Nevala has deep knowledge of the poultry trade and is skilled in international business. She works from a conviction that bringing the most efficient farming solutions to Africa will help in creating a sustainable environment with economic stability in the region and decreased pressure on imports.

Accessing high-quality and durable products and understanding their use is critical for poultry production, whether your focus is egg production, broiler production or both.

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